Check Out How I Build ONLINE ASSETS That Pay Me Every Month...

"My Friends Saw Me Throwing LOTS of Money Around... and Kept Asking How I Did it.
I Got Tired of Explaining
so I Made a Course..."

I Can't Blame Them for Asking... Look at These
Earnings I Had Rolling in Every Month:

No, I wasn't doing anything illegal... it was from one website I had.

It was so great - I made this website and it started earning like CRAZY. I couldn't believe checks like this were rolling in every month.

But then... BAD NEWS... Google stopped ranking my website!

That was not a fun day. It was called the "Google slap." Google sets the rules and one day, how we made these sites was fine but the next, they said no.

I was shocked that morning when I saw my rankings drop.

That shock lasted a few days...

I thought it was a bad dream because earnings started going way down.

But it wasn't.

So, it was time to do something... but what?

It was back to square one...

I had to do a lot of work to make Google happy again with their new rules. I did some things but then decided to start over on new sites from scratch.

BUT, the good news is that I was still able to sell that website for a nice chunk of change - this asset I built had value:

I learned something really important...

I learned how to recover, turn things around, and still have websites that pay me every month.

Here are some of the earnings I've seen from these new sites that have been up for years...

I call those kinds of websites "ONLINE ASSETS" because an asset is something that pays YOU.

My name is Tony Herman and I've been doing online marketing since 2003.

I created my first website in 1994. I've made over $100,000 on Google AdSense, over $20,000 on Amazon, and brought in over $6 million with my website design business.

Since then, I've been profiting from these kinds of website. They still make money and Google is happy with them, so they rank.

That's why...

I updated my course to teach others how to do it

It's called "Set Up a Website That Pays in 7 Days"

It's a fun course and it's quick, too...

 You get 7, very easy lessons where I walk you through how to set up an online asset - sometimes called an "autopilot" system:

  • Day 1 – Let’s Get This Thing Started
  • Day 2 – How to Pick the Right Topic So You’re Successful
  • Day 3 – Refine Your Topic to Make Ranking Easy
  • Day 4 – How to Set Up Your New Website
  • Day 5 – Writing Content So Search Engines Love You
  • Day 6 – Monetize Your Website to Start Earning
  • Day 7 – Promoting Your Content for Additional Traffic

You'll have the website set up in 7 days...
some people have done it in just a day or two.

Will you earn right away?

No, not right away. Basically how virtually all AUTOPILOT systems work is you do some work up front, then you have the chance of seeing earnings come in after that, without doing much work.

The plan is to build something that keeps on working, long-term.

It Works on a Simple Concept...

You've searched for answers online many times, like:

"How long do leftovers last in the fridge?"

And you are taken to websites with information. Those sites make money from advertising, affiliate links, list building, and other ways.

You see, good content you put out on a website is like an employee that keeps working for you 24/7 with no breaks or holidays. You create it once and it keeps on working for you.

That's how I make money with these websites. I own lots of top results.

Lots of people are creating these kinds of websites because people need their questions answered.

Those websites make money while the owners of those websites:

  • Sleep
  • Spend time with friends
  • Work other jobs
  • Take vacations
  • Whatever

There are months when the owners of these websites don't change a single thing and they STILL get paid.

This happens to me all the time...

I keep getting paid for content I put up YEARS ago.

This is a great opportunity, but...

Do You QUALIFY to Get This Course?

Yes, you must qualify because this is only for certain people. I only want people who have a very good chance for success to get this course.

To qualify, you must:

  • Have a laptop or computer (just a phone won't work)
  • Be willing to put in time where you're not getting paid in order to keep getting paid later
  • Go through all the training in a week or so (you need the momentum)
  • Do some writing (for your content) or pay to have it written
  • Be proud of what you've created and promote it

So the question is...

Is that you?

If so...

I want to practically GIVE you this course worth $47 for a very special price.

With how times are right now, I know that buidling online assets is what people need. If you're willing to do those things above, then I'll happily give you access to this course.

Because I want to make sure you have the best chance to succeed...

Let's Kick it Up a Notch!

Instead of just the book, I'm going to UPGRADE you to GOLD (valued at another $50) for NO extra charge if you buy TODAY...

With the GOLD version, you get:

  • The online version which includes videos to explain things
  • Exclusive information not found in the regular version
  • A bonus strategy to DOUBLE your earnings
  • A shortcut to get all the content you need WITHOUT DOING ANY WRITING
  • A bonus strategy to earn just by sharing a link

This Normally Sells for $97
But TODAY It's Just $2

I've removed the risk for you with that low price. If this goes too well, I might have to raise the price or start charing extra for the GOLD version... we'll see.

Buy TODAY and know you're going to learn something valuable.

When I got into making these kinds of websites,
it changed my life.

Follow what I walk you through and you can build online assets - this course gives you the blueprint.

Oh, quick story...

I even taught my mom how to make one of these websites. She built a good one, too. She later had to quit because she retired and couldn't have that extra income for tax and retirement reasons.

Make as many online assets as you want for this one-time, stupidly LOW price...


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